Without proper cybersecurity measures in place, you may lost RM1.9M from your account


Without proper cybersecurity measures in place, individuals and businesses are at risk of losing sensitive data and financial assets to cyber attacks. The consequences of a security breach can be devastating, including financial losses, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Why we say about that?

This is a real news come from The Star.

A company has suffered losses of RM1.9mil after hackers gained access to its bank account information and transferred the money to an unknown account.

“Investigations revealed that the company used a bulk payment method from a local bank to pay its suppliers on a monthly basis.

“So every month, the company would only need to transfer the needed amount without changing anything and just click on the system and the bank would handle the rest.

The victim said he believed that the bulk payment system had been hacked and payment details were changed, he added.

Such incidents are unfortunately not uncommon in today’s digital age, and they serve as a reminder of the importance of strong cybersecurity measures to protect personal and business information.

It is important for individuals and organizations to regularly update their security software, use strong passwords, and stay vigilant for suspicious activities on their accounts. Additionally, companies should have protocols in place to quickly respond to and mitigate the impact of any security breaches that may occur.

Therefore, it is essential for everyone to take cybersecurity seriously and take appropriate steps to protect their digital assets. This includes staying up-to-date on the latest security threats and best practices, implementing strong passwords, using anti-virus software, regularly backing up data, and being vigilant for suspicious activity.

By taking these precautions, individuals and businesses can help to reduce their risk of falling victim to cyber attacks.

In today’s digital age, cybersecurity has become more important than ever.

With so much sensitive information being stored online, it’s essential for individuals and businesses to take measures to protect their digital assets from cyber attacks. As technology continues to evolve, so do the tactics used by cybercriminals, making it essential to stay up-to-date with the latest security measures to safeguard against potential threats.

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