How many ways to Protected Your privacy? 1 or 2 ways?

Privacy and data protection

Privacy is a growing concern for everyone

Although Privacy data is much like other digital data, but with one important difference: a privacy breach can ruin lives and have a devastating effect on your financial success. It’s important to understand what your users want in regards to their privacy data.

Today we will talk about why is data important and how you can avoid data breaches that hurt both you and your users.

Personalization is a major trend in today’s app world, but it comes with a major downside — the need to collect personal data. Personalized experiences are what set apps apart, such as access to personal information like names and addresses allows apps to deliver many useful services that we use today — food delivery, ticket bookings, contactless payments, and more. but our data is increasing in value as we share more and more of it online. As this trend continues, many consumers will be concerned about their privacy.

There’s no denying that digital experiences come at a cost to users. While most apps are built by trusted organizations that are not likely to use personal data for malicious purposes apart from internal marketing, the risk of misuse by those that aren’t calls for lawmakers, app stores and app developers to be strict about data privacy and compliance to privacy regulations.

Malaysia has legislation that protects users and owners, such as The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was introduced and put into effect in Malaysia on 15th November 2013, establishing a framework for safeguarding personal user data across sectors. It primarily applies to government agencies and private companies that require users’ personal data for an intended purpose.

Any time you collect and process personal data, you are obliged to comply with a set of seven core principles:

General Principle:

Owners cannot access and use personal data without the user’s written consent.

Notice and Choice Principle:

Owners must inform app users how their personal data will be used before asking for user consent.

Disclosure Principle:

Owners are not allowed to disclose or share (with third parties) any user’s personal data for purposes other than those specified in the terms and conditions.

Security Principle:

Owners are to take specific steps to protect personal user data against abuse, accidental or unauthorized disclosure, destruction or loss.

Retention Principle:

Personal data can only be kept for as long as necessary.

Data Integrity Principle:

Owners must ensure that all the personal data collected is accurate, complete, recent, and not misleading.

Access Principle:

Users have the right to access and amend their personal data if it is incomplete, misleading, inaccurate, or outdated.

As we are moving more and more to a digital world, our personal data is being collected in every application we use.

Even though it might not seem like a big deal at first, there are many consequences that can happen from our data being collected.

In today’s digital world, the security of your users’ personal data is paramount. Data privacy and compliance are not only important to protect user data, but to protect your business as well. A lack of data privacy and compliance can be financially damaging, socially dangerous, and legally costly.

What You Can Do

The value of your data is not only in its collection and analysis, but also how it is protected against unauthorized access.

Protecting data can mean preventing disclosure of personally identifiable information to third parties, anonymizing it so that users’ identities are protected while they are still analyzed, or encrypting it so that even if hackers break into a database server and steal user files they won’t be able to make sense of them without the encryption key.

Let’s them know they’re protected

In Malaysia, there’s a need for transparency between the user and the developer when it comes to data collection, in order to build trust. Users don’t want ambiguity when it comes to what you’re doing with their personal information. They need to know what we’re doing with your personal data, who we’re sharing it with, and why.

On any digital product, this is typically fulfilled in the form of security checkpoints like access permission pop-ups and Terms & Condition agreements.

Managed Cloud & Security Services at Volservers

If you’re looking for app developers in Malaysia, you’re in the right place. Cloud security offers many benefits that dampen concerns about data privacy. Businesses that are protected by cloud-based systems are able to offer their users increased security and boost their teams’ productivity with centralized protection, eases many business processes.

Cloud infrastructure services also is a service that make it easy for our developers to provide cloud-based applications. Cloud Infrastructure allows for better scalability, security and performance.

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